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All Pennsylvania CLE Accredited Courses

Pennsylvania Attorneys: Earn ALL (6) ALL (12) of Your CLE Credits for 2021 Compliance With These Distance Learning Courses.

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The prices shown ($26.50/hour) INCLUDE the $1.50 Pennsylvania CLE reporting charge per Credit.
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Legal Ethics

Title: Price:  
Eliminating Bias: Achieving Diversity And Inclusion — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Eliminating Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Bias in the Legal Profession — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Ethically Avoiding Client Conflicts — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $33.50
Ethics And The Difficult Client — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Ethics Considerations In Drafting Enforceable Fee Agreements — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Ethics of Emerging Business Models In The Legal Profession — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Ethics Rules Governing Practicing In More Than One State — 2.5 Pennsylvania Ethics Credits $67.50
Ethics Rules Relating To Sex, Lies, And Clients — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Ethics: Advance Waivers And Client Consent To Future Conflicts — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $33.50
Ethics: Latest Developments — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $33.50
Gender Bias In The Legal Profession — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Important Developing Legal Ethics Topics — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Legal Ethics Collection — 3 Pennsylvania Ethics Credits $87.50
Legal Ethics Roundup — 4 Pennsylvania Ethics Credits $112.00
Legal Ethics: Confidentiality In The 21st Century — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Legal Ethics: Useful Answers To Common Issues — 2.5 Pennsylvania Ethics Credits $67.50
Married Lawyers, Related Lawyers, Significant Others: Conflicts And Confidentiality — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Professional Conduct: What Not To Do In Practice — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Recognizing and Eliminating Bias When Negotiating In The Legal Profession — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Substance Abuse: Attorney Addiction And Recovery - 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
Substance Use And Abuse In The Legal Profession — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50
The New California Rules of Professional Conduct — 2 Pennsylvania Ethics Credits $53.00
The Virtual Law Office: Important Ethics Rules — 1 Pennsylvania Ethics Credit $26.50


Title: Price:  
"Snap Removal" To Federal Court — 1 Pennsylvania General Credit $26.50
Ford Motor: Supreme Court Updates Specific Personal Jurisdiction Doctrine — 1 Pennsylvania General Credit $26.50
Construction Accident Litigation In New York — 3 Pennsylvania General Credits $87.50
Creating An Effective Discovery Plan — 1.5 Pennsylvania General Credits $41.00
Depositions: Successfully Planning, Taking, Using — 3 Pennsylvania General Credits $87.50
E-Filing In New York State Courts: Procedures, Problems, Recent Caselaw — 1 Pennsylvania General Credit $26.50
Electronic/Digital/Internet Evidence — 3 Pennsylvania General Credits $87.50
Expert Witnesses In New York: What You Need To Know — 3 Pennsylvania General Credits $87.50
Expert Witnesses: Effective Direct and Cross — 1 Pennsylvania General Credit $26.50
Eyewitness Unintentional False Testimony — 1.5 Pennsylvania General Credits $41.00
Forensic Evidence: Uses And Disuse — 1.5 Pennsylvania General Credits $41.00
Interpreting The COVID-19 Toll and Related Administrative Orders — 1.5 Pennsylvania General Credits $45.00
Jury Selection: Effective Tactics — 1.5 Pennsylvania General Credits $41.00
Motion Practice Update (February 11, 2021) — 1 Pennsylvania General Credit $26.50
Motion Practice: Timeliness, Service, Contents Of Motion Papers And Current Caselaw — 1 Pennsylvania General Credit $26.50
Motor Vehicle Accident Litigation In New York: Serious Injury, Liability, SUM Coverage — 3 Pennsylvania General Credits $87.50
New York Civil Evidence: A Useful Caselaw Review — 3 Pennsylvania General Credits $87.50
New York Practice (CPLR) Hot Topics — 4 Pennsylvania General Credits $112.00
New York Practice: Conducting And Using Depositions— 3 Pennsylvania General Credits $87.50
Newly Amended (12/1/20) FRCP 30(b)(6): Best Practices And Avoiding Traps - 1 Pennsylvania General Credit $26.50
Rambo Litigation Tactics: Recognize And Outmaneuver — 1.5 Pennsylvania General Credits $41.00
Recent Issues In Arbitration, Including New Legislation And Caselaw — 1 Pennsylvania General Credit $33.50
Updates In Disclosure In New York State Courts — 1 Pennsylvania General Credit $26.50
Virtual Depositions: How To Excel In The Remote Environment — 1.5 Pennsylvania General Credits $41.00

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Estate Planning & Taxation


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  • National Law Foundation is an Accredited Pennsylvania CLE Provider;www.nlfonline.com is an approved Distance Learning site for Pennsylvania CLE credits.
  • COVID-19 Accommodation: On December 23, 2020 The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued an order that all CLE credits for 2021 compliance may be obtained through distance learning programs.
  • Pennsylvania attorneys may earn  ALL of their 12 required PA CLE Credits, including TWO (2) Ethics Credits, through participation in these approved Distance Learning programs.
  • Upon completing each course, fill out and submit the Course Evaluation online to generate your Certificate of Completion.
  • A copy of your Course Evaluation and Certificate of Completion will be forwarded electronically to National Law Foundation. National Law Foundation reports your CLE Credits to the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board for you.
  • Our financial hardship policy is available upon request. Please phone 302-764-8697 or fax 302-655-6363 to request information on scholarship assistance.
  • Select National Law Foundation Distance Learning Courses from the list on this page and earn your Pennsylvania CLE Credits today!

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