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Hal Measley Jr., Esquire founded the National Law Foundation in 1976. A graduate of Vanderbilt Law School with a Masters in Tax and Estate Planning from New York University, Halís vision was to hold regular conferences led by Estate Planning masters whereby Estate Planning attorneys would have the opportunity to learn from the best about high level estate planning techniques. In the early stages, National Law Foundation hosted Estate Planning Conferences led by EP Legends of the time. Byrle Abbin, Bernie Barnett and Dick Covey were frequent speakers at National Law Foundation conferences held in New York. As the need for larger and more frequent conferences grew, Halís wife Margo took on the role of Office Manager. Together they expanded to hold conferences in more locations. The annual Great Western Estate Planning Conference in Las Vegas, NV regularly drew 100s attendees from all across the country. A winter conference was added in the Caribbean (St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. Lucia to name a few). Hal and Margo particularly enjoyed organizing the Caribbean conference as it drew a repeat group of attendees for 25 years. For those unable to attend in-person learning, National Law Foundation recorded these programs and offered them on CDs and DVDs.

Ohio became the first state to implement a continuing legal education requirement. At this point, the recorded programs originally offered strictly for advanced learning opportunities, were now needed by attorneys in all practice areas and in a growing number of states. National Law Foundation quickly pivoted to broaden the scope of courses offered to accommodate the growing number of attorneys in all practice areas who needed CLE credits. As most states followed suit and implemented their own CLE requirements, National Law offered courses to fulfil these needs. When online learning was introduced and accepted by CLE Commissions, National Law Foundation introduced www.NLFonline.com where attorneys could take recorded courses on demand. For those not comfortable with online learning, CDs/DVDs and later flash drives and email delivery continued to be offered on www.NLFcle.com. In 2010 National Law Foundation introduced www.NLFforms.com where attorneys could purchase forms, primarily in the estate planning arena, to save drafting time and to use for drafting reference. This became a widely popular resource particularly for sole practitioners and those in small to medium size law firms who donít have the expensive resources of the larger firms. Today, National Law Foundation continues to focus on high quality programs and personal service. Hal and Margoís daughter, Chrissy Piller, now serves as Director of the family business and continues to consult regularly with her family founding members.

Our goal is to provide lawyers with:
  • Fast Personal Services
  • Quality CLE Programs and Products
  • Low Prices

Fast Personal Service
We treat you the way we like to be treated, with personal attention to detail and swift service. We have live professionals ready to help, and every order (that mails) is shipped no later than the next business day!

Quality CLE Programs and Products
Our speakers are chosen for their ability to articulate, their expertise and also their willingness to provide useful and practical tips, warnings and suggestions. Our hiring process is very selective.

Low Prices
The National Law Foundation wants to provide you with the lowest prices possible. Here are some ways we save you money:
  • $25 Per Hour Online Courses — Most of our online courses are only $25 per hour. Georgai, Illinois, Nevada and Pennsylvania attorneys pay an additional nominal per-hour reporting fee as required by their states' MCLE Commissions.
  • Our Unique "Share and Save Policy" —We allow attorneys to share all recorded materials (audio CDs, DVDs, etc.), purchased on our www.nlfcle.com Web site, with as many attorneys as they wish at no additional charge in all states permitted by the CLE commission. (Additional users of Illinois and New York courses pay a small fee because of their states' verification procedures.) Online courses are not included in this offer.

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Many states also permit CLE credits to be earned by study of email delivery, audio CD, flash drive and DVD courses. For these delivery choices go to www.nlfcle.com.

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