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All Indiana CLE Approved Courses

Indiana Attorneys: Until Further Notice, by Order of the Indiana Supreme Court, for both the December 31, 2020 deadline and all subsequent deadlines, Indiana Attorneys are permitted to earn ALL (36) of Your CLE Credits With These Distance Education Courses.

Important Information — Please Read This!

Courses on nlfonline.com are available for your review for one year from date of purchase. However, please note that the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education assigns an expiration date for use of Distance Education courses. Please check the expiration date (by clicking on the course title below) of each Indiana course you purchase on nlfonline.com and be sure to complete the course and generate your Certificate of Completion on or before the assigned expiration date, which may be less than one year from the date of your purchase.

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For CLE in this state, a CONFIRM PARTICIPATION window will randomly appear, on which you must click to continue the program. Review the Listen to online courses instructions for complete details.

Legal Ethics

Title: Price:  
Ethically Avoiding Client Conflicts 1.3 Indiana Ethics Credits $32.00
Ethics And The Difficult Client 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00
Ethics Considerations In Drafting Enforceable Fee Agreements 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00
Ethics of Emerging Business Models In The Legal Profession 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00
Ethics Rules Governing Practicing In More Than One State 2.5 Indiana Ethics Credits $63.00
Ethics Rules Relating To Sex, Lies, And Clients 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00
Ethics: Advance Waivers And Client Consent To Future Conflicts 1.3 Indiana Ethics Credits $32.00
Ethics: Latest Developments 1.3 Indiana Ethics Credits $32.00
Important Developing Legal Ethics Topics 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00
Legal Ethics Collection 3.3 Indiana Ethics Credits $83.00
Legal Ethics Roundup 4.3 Indiana Ethics Credits $106.00
Legal Ethics: Confidentiality In The 21st Century 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00
Legal Ethics: Useful Answers To Common Issues 2.5 Indiana Ethics Credits $63.00
Married Lawyers, Related Lawyers, Significant Others: Conflicts And Confidentiality 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00
Professional Conduct: What Not To Do In Practice 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00
Substance Abuse: Attorney Addiction And Recovery - 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00
Substance Use And Abuse In The Legal Profession 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00
The New California Rules of Professional Conduct 2.1 Indiana Ethics Credits $50.00
The Virtual Law Office: Important Ethics Rules 1 Indiana Ethics Credit $25.00


Valuable Program No Longer Available For CLE/MCLE Credit

Employment/Labor Law

Estate Planning & Taxation


Attention All Indiana



  • Indiana attorneys must earn 36 CLE Credits every three years (by December 31 of the three-year cycle), including 3 Ethics Credits.
  • At least six (6) credits must be taken each year, with a maximum of 24 in any one of the three years.
  • Indiana allows you to earn EIGHTEEN (18) of your CLE Credits, including both Ethics and General Credits, through participation in approved interactive Distance Education courses.
  • Due to COVID-19, the Indiana Supreme Court issued an order allowing Indiana attorneys whose three-year Educational Period or Judicial Officer Educational Period ends on December 31, 2020 to earn ALL (36) CLE credits with our approved online courses. Thereafter, the Indiana Supreme Court ordered that, until further notice, also for all subsequent deadlines, ALL (36) CLE credits may be earned with our approved online courses.
  • Each of these National Law Foundation Online programs is approved for Indiana Distance Education CLE credit.
  • After completing your NLFOnline course and submitting a brief evaluation, you may print a Certificate of Completion for your records.
  • National Law Foundation will electronically report your Indiana Distance Education credits within 30 days of your participation.
  • Select National Law Foundation Online courses from the list on this page and earn up to EIGHTEEN (18) ALL (36) for the December 31, 2020 deadline Indiana CLE Credits today!

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