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November 7, 2022
The Tennessee Supreme Court ordered on November 1, 2022 to permanently remove the limitations on distance-learning continuing legal education (“CLE”) credits. Tennessee attorneys may now earn ALL (15) credits including both Ethics/ Professionalism ("Dual") and General Credits, through participation in approved Distance Learning courses.

October 10, 2022
The Supreme Court of Ohio adopted rule changes that will permanently remove the CLE self-study caps for Ohio attorneys, effective January 1, 2023.

For attorneys with last names ending with M-Z who have a CLE requirement for the 2021-2022 compliance period ending December 31, 2022, the self-study caps were waived previously under the Administrative Order issued on September 22, 2021, allowing those attorneys to comply with the CLE requirements through approved self-study courses.

September 30, 2022
Compliance Packages on www.NLFonline.com for online, on-demand study are now also available in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

July 14, 2022
We are now ALSO offering Full Compliance Packages on www.NLFonline.com for online, on-demand study. Compliance Packages are currently available in: Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Ohio. For compliance packages via Email Delivery, Audio CD, Flash Drive or DVD visit www.NLFcle.com. Share and Save applies to packages on www.NLFcle.com where permitted.

June 22, 2022
NEW Implicit Bias Requirement for California Attorneys: California attorneys must now earn 2 Bias Elimination MCLE Credits 1 of which must focus on implicit bias and the promotion of bias reducing strategies. To fulfill this requirement please see our implicit bias courses on the California page of NLFonline.com: Recognizing and Eliminating Bias When Negotiating In The Legal Profession - 1 California Bias (Implicit Bias) Credit and Understanding And Reducing Unconscious Biases In The Legal Profession - 1 California Bias Elimination (Implicit Bias) Credit.

April 6, 2022
NEW Requirement for Washington Attorneys: Effective September 1, 2022, of the required 6 Ethics Credits, 1 must be an ethics course with antibias content. Please click here for this new Rule. We have several courses to fulfill this new requirement. All of which are listed under “Ethics With Antibias Content” on the Washington page.

February 15, 2022
Need Georgia Trial Skills Credits? Georgia Trial Skills Requirement:
Rule 8-104 (D) Requirements for Participation in Litigation. (2) Each active member who appears as sole or lead counsel in the Superior or State Courts of Georgia in any contested civil case or in the trial of a criminal case in 1990 or in any subsequent calendar year, shall complete for such year a minimum of three (3) hours of continuing legal education activity in the area of trial practice. Note: Attorneys who do not need Trial Skills credits may take Trial Skills courses and count Trial Skills Credits towards their General Credit requirement.

Choose from these Georgia Accredited Trial Skills courses: "Rambo" Litigation Tactics: Recognize And Outmaneuver - 1.5 Georgia Trial Skills Credits, Creating An Effective Discovery Plan - 1.5 Georgia Trial Skills Credits, Depositions: Successfully Planning, Taking, Using - 3 Georgia Trial Skills Credits, Electronic Evidence: A Comprehensive, Practical Explanation - 2.5 Georgia Trial Skills Credits, Expert Witnesses: Effective Direct and Cross - 1 Georgia Trial Skills Credit, Eyewitness Unintentional False Testimony - 1.5 Georgia Trial Skills Credits, Forensic Evidence: Uses And Disuse - 1.5 Georgia Trial Skills Credits, Jury Selection: Effective Tactics - 1.5 Georgia Trial Skills Credits, Trying A Case: Winning Strategies - 2 Georgia Trial Skills Credits, Virtual Depositions: How To Excel In The Remote Environment - 1.5 Georgia Trial Skills Credits

January 18, 2022
NEW For Colorado Attorneys! For the CLE Compliance Period beginning January 1, 2021 and ending December 31, 2023: the seven credit hours devoted to professional responsibility must include at least two (2) credit hours in the area of equity, diversity, and inclusivity, and at least five (5) credit hours in the areas of legal ethics or legal professionalism. Need Colorado Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Credits? These courses are appproved for Colorado Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Credit: Eliminating Bias: Achieving Diversity And Inclusion - 1 Colorado Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity Credit; Eliminating Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Bias in the Legal Profession - 1 CO Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Credit; and Recognizing and Eliminating Bias When Negotiating In The Legal Profession - 1 Colorado Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity Credit

November 25, 2021
On November 15th Pat Connors recorded important New York courses including:
New York Court Of Appeals Civil Procedure Review (2020-2021) and New York CPLR Update 2021: Parts 1, 2 & 3 Combined. If you practice before civil courts in New York, you will not want to miss these valuable CLE presentations by the recognized leading expert on New York Practice and Procedure. Patrick M. Connors is the Albert and Angela Farone Distinguished Professor in New York Civil Practice at Albany Law School where he teaches, inter alia, New York Practice and Procedure. Among his many accomplishments, Professor Connors is the co-author of New York Practice 6th Edition, which is known as “The Bible” on New York civil procedure.

October 20, 2021
Due to COVID-19, on October 7, 2021, the Delaware Supreme Court issued an order that attorneys may earn ALL (24) credits including both Enhanced Ethics and General Credits, with eCLE (online) programs for the two year periods ending December 31, 2021 and December 31, 2022.

October 19, 2021
In his now available September 27, 2021, 2.1-hour course entitled Employment Law Hot Topics, Neil Pedersen, Esquire, covers hot areas in employment law. He discusses matters relating to the COVID-19 virus pandemic including: testing, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, Medical Privacy/COVID Screening, COVID Testing, remote work issues, return to work issues, OSHA compliance issues, and wrongful termination. Mr. Pedersen also covers hot employment law topics which are not related to the COVID pandemic, including race discrimination and harassment, politics in the workplace, worker classification, non-compete agreements, and ban the box laws.

September 13, 2021
Professional conduct (also referred to as professionalism or civility) in the practice of law has become a concern, so much so that some states now have a professionalism CLE requirement. In her one hour professionalism program, Professional Conduct: What Not To Do In Practice, Hope A. Comisky, Esquire gives recent examples of reported unprofessional conduct, the actions taken by the presiding bodies, the relevant ethics rules which were violated, and how these cases affected the lawyers, the clients, and the reputation of the judicial system overall.

August 6, 2021
Steve Siegel's much anticipated explanation of Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (SLATs) is now online. Due to the impending possible drastic reduction in the Federal estate, gift, and GST exclusion by the Biden administration, SLATs have become the hottest topic in estate planning for many clients, not just the very wealthy. In this comprehensive 1-hour July 27, 2021 program, Steven G. Siegel gives a practical explanation of the reasons why clients should consider a SLAT, how to draft and plan it, and much more. If you do any estate planning, you will want to hear Mr. Siegel's presentation. In addition to his one-hour program: Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (SLATs): The Popular Estate Planning Tool, Steve's popular, fully-editable SLAT form is on www.NLFforms.com for immediate download.

July 28, 2021
Don't miss nationally-recognized substance abuse speaker, Brian Cuban, Esquire's one-hour substance abuse CLE course: Substance Abuse: Attorney Addiction And Recovery. Brian shares his story of addiction and long-term recovery and explains how the legal community can offer support to colleagues in need. This course fulfills the substance abuse credit for states in which it is required including: California - 1 Competence Issues MCLE Credit, Illinois - 1 Illinois Mental Health & Substance Abuse Credit, Nevada - 1 Nevada Substance Abuse Credit, 1 Vermont Attorney Wellness Credit

June 22, 2021
Looking for a mediation CLE course? Mediation: Successful Planning is now online. Fran Greising's one-hour mediation course provides a clear explanation to thoroughly prepare yourself and your clients for successful mediation.

May 25, 2021
Colorado Attorneys: Colorado CLE Requirement Change! Beginning January 1, 2023: the seven credit hours devoted to professional responsibility must include at least two (2) credit hours in the area of equity, diversity, and inclusivity, and at least five (5) credit hours in the areas of legal ethics or legal professionalism. Read the rule change here: Rule 250.2. CLE Requirements.

May 25, 2021
Ethics of Emerging Business Models In The Legal Profession
In this April 22, 2021, one-hour presentation, Megan Zavieh, Esquire shares examples of emerging business models within the legal profession and related, essential ethical considerations.

Megan shares current examples of attorneys who are working within their profession while serving public needs and their personal lifestyle goals. Hear how Jess Birken switched her practice to Subscription Legal Services. Erin Levine created Hello Divorce offering Digital Products to save clients' money on the legal expense of divorce proceedings. Looking for a more creative career path, attorney Christina Scalera started The Contract Shop, offering legal templates for entrepreneurs just starting out as well as business training courses. Select your state from the homepage of www.NLFonline.com to listen to this inspiring program.

May 19, 2021
Georgia Attorneys: The Supreme Court of Georgia issued an Order on May 14, 2021, eliminating the in-person CLE requirement for the 2021 CLE requirement and allowing all CLE hours for the 2021 CLE requirement to be completed by approved in-house and distance learning CLE programs.

A portion of the May 14th Supreme Court Order states as follows: Given that the COVID-19 outbreak is still ongoing and in-person CLE programs will return slowly, the Court determines that it is appropriate to again suspend the limitation on self-study, in-house, and distance-learning CLE programs for the 2021 year. Effective immediately and continuing through March 31, 2022, lawyers may earn all or any portion of the required twelve hours for 2021 through self-study, in-house, or distance-learning continuing legal education activities under Regulations 8 (e) and (15), so long as those activities otherwise satisfy the requirements of those Regulations. This temporary, partial suspension of Regulations 8 (e) and (15) shall apply to continuing legal education activities completed on or before the grace period of March 31, 2022.

GA attorneys may now earn ALL 12 CLE credits with National Law Foundation online study courses (wwww.NLFonline.com) or courses on audio CD, DVD and Flash Drive (www.NLFcle.com).

May 12, 2021
Pressing Planning Suggestions From Steve Siegel: Possible law changes in 2021 may have an adverse effect on clients’ tax and estate planning. Many of the planning techniques available in 2020 were targeted for elimination by the Obama administration, and are again raised in the platform of the Biden administration. The gift tax exclusion for 2021 is $11.7 million. If it is reduced going forward, have clients address gifting before the reduction. One of several planning suggestions is gifting to a Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT) for spouse and others. This will allow income to be paid to the donee spouse while using the available exclusion of the donor spouse. The property transferred to the SLAT will not be taxable in either spouse’s estate. Steve Siegel's SLAT including sample pages and detailed description is available on our sister site: www.NLFforms.com.

May 11, 2021
Recognizing and Eliminating Bias When Negotiating In The Legal Profession
Florina Altshiler, Esquire presents an informative one-hour presentation on gender and cultural differences to consider when approaching negotiations in the legal profession. Several states now have minimum Bias Elimination or Diversity and Inclusion CLE requirements including: California (1 Bias Elimination MCLE Credit), Illinois (1 Diversity & Inclusion CLE Credit), New Jersey (2 Diversity & Inclusion CLE Credits), New York (1 Diversity & Inclusion CLE Credit), and Vermont (1 Diversity & Inclusion CLE Credit).

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