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All North Carolina CLE Approved Courses

North Carolina Attorneys: Earn ONE-HALF (6) of Your CLE Credits With These Online Courses
Although courses on nlfonline.com are available for your review for one year from date of purchase,  Online courses for North Carolina MUST be completed and evaluations submitted by December 31  in order to receive CLE credit for this year's reporting cycle. Courses purchased before December 31, but completed January 1 or later, may not have been renewed and will be ineligible for North Carolina CLE credit as a result.

These courses approved for North Carolina

through December 31, 2018.

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Prof. Responsibility (Ethics)/Professionalism/Substance Abuse

Title: Price:  
A Lawyer's Ethical Obligations To Return Ex-Client's Property — 1 North Carolina Ethics Credit $25.00
Applicable Ethics Rules For Using Social Media — 1 North Carolina Ethics Credit $25.00
Attorney Substance Use Disorders - Just One More... — 1 North Carolina Substance Abuse Credit $25.00
Attorney-Client Privilege — 3.25 North Carolina Ethics Credits $83.00
Bias Elimination In The Legal Profession — 1 North Carolina Ethics Credit $25.00
Conflicts With Current And Former Clients — 1 North Carolina Ethics Credit $25.00
Eliminating Bias: Achieving Diversity And Inclusion — 1 North Carolina Ethics Credit $25.00
Essential Ethics Topics: 3.3-Hour Edition — 3.25 North Carolina Ethics Credits $83.00
Essential Ethics Topics: 4.3-Hour Edition — 4.25 North Carolina Ethics Credits $106.00
Ethically Drafting Effective, Enforceable Fee Agreements — 2 North Carolina Ethics Credits $50.00
Ethics In The Ether: Cybersecurity, E-Discovery, And The Evolving Practice Of Law — 1 North Carolina Ethics Credit $25.00
Ethics Rules Governing Multijurisdictional Practice — 2.5 North Carolina Ethics Credits $63.00
Ethics Rules Regarding Misconduct — 1.25 North Carolina Ethics Credits $32.00
Ethics: Latest Developments — 1.25 North Carolina Ethics Credits $32.00
Hot Ethics Topics — 2 North Carolina Ethics Credits $50.00
Legal Ethics: Confidentiality In The 21st Century — 1 North Carolina Ethics Credit $25.00
Legal Ethics: Useful Answers To Common Issues — 2.5 North Carolina Ethics Credits $63.00
Significant Ethics Topics Review — 2 North Carolina Ethics Credits $50.00


Employment/Labor Law

Estate Planning & Taxation


Attention All North


Carolina Attorneys!

  • Active members of the North Carolina State Bar must take twelve (12) hours of approved CLE during each calendar year.
  • Of the twelve (12) CLE hours, at least two credits must be devoted to the area of Professional Responsibility (Ethics) or Professionalism.
  • At least once every three calendar years, each attorney must complete one hour on Substance Abuse and Debilitating Mental Conditions.
  • North Carolina allows you to earn ONE-HALF (6) of your CLE Credits, including Professional Responsibility/Professionalism/ Substance Abuse and General Credits, through study of approved interactive Online programs.
  • National Law Foundation is an Accredited Sponsor of North Carolina CLE. Each of these courses has been approved by the North Carolina CLE Board for North Carolina CLE credit.
  • After completing your NLFOnline course and submitting a brief evaluation, you may print a Certificate of Completion for your records. Retain it to verify your credits against the annual report form you will receive in January of every calendar year, showing all of the information that the NC CLE department has on your CLE credit hours for the entire preceding calendar year.
  • National Law Foundation will report North Carolina Online credits at the end of each month. After they have posted, you will receive an invoice from the NC Bar for the $3.50 per credit fee associated with your participation in these courses.
  • Select National Law Foundation Online courses from the list on this page and earn up to SIX (6) North Carolina CLE Credits today!

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