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Seven Credits in One Year

Our "Any 7 Credits" subscription allows one attorney a full year to select and complete any of the courses on this site up to a total of 7 credits including those currently listed as well as new courses added during the subscription period.

Course selections can be made immediately after the subscription purchase or at any time during the one year period. All courses, no matter when they are selected, will expire with the subscription on the first anniversary of the purchase.


You may purchase up to two (2) "Any 7 Credits" Subscriptions for a total of fourteen (14) credits. As with our "One-Year Unlimited Use" Subscription, you may select any of our courses. Buy two subscriptions at the same time or buy one now and buy a second later. Unused credits from the first subscription will be added to the second.

How To Listen

As a subscription holder, you may login at any time during your one-year period to select and complete a course. The process for selecting and completing a course as a subscription holder is the same as if you purchased an individual course. For details, please click here or go to "Listen to online courses" in the "New To CLE Courses?" box in the right column of this site's homepage.

You must "complete" your courses before the subscription's expiration date. "Complete" means listen to and submit the Course Evaluation. Your ability to print the Certificates of Completion does not end with the subscription (i. e., certificates are always available for printing).

When selecting courses for credit, be sure to select from your state list, just as you would if you were buying an individual course. It is especially important for attorneys wishing to claim credit in more than one state to consult our "Multiple States Information" page. There is also a link to this page at the top of each state page.

How To Begin

To initiate your "Any 7 Credits" subscription, click the "ADD TO CART" button below and complete the checkout process. After the transaction is completed, you may immediately select and listen to courses. New courses added to the site during the length of your subscription may also be used.

In certain states, including Colorado, Florida and Texas, courses are given an expiration date by the applicable state CLE commission. Before listening to a course, be sure to check the expiration date. Expiration dates, where applicable, appear in the CLE list at the bottom of each course description.

Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia Attorneys: CLE Commissions in these states approve courses for one CLE cycle (through December 31 in GA & OH, June 30 in KY, February 28 or 29 in NC, and October 31 in VA). We renew and continue to offer most, but not all, courses for the next CLE cycle. Accordingly, when adding courses to your subscription, we suggest you add each course within the cycle you plan to listen to it. Any remaining credit balance may be used in the new CLE cycle, until the subscription expires, to select and complete additional course(s). Any remaining credit balance may be used in the new calendar year, until the subscription expires, to select and complete additional course(s).

Number of Credits Allowed with Online CLE, By State

Arizona: All (15) MCLE credits

Colorado: All (45) CLE credits

California: All (25) MCLE credits

Connecticut: All (12) MCLE credits

Delaware: Twelve (12) CLE credits

Florida: All (30) CLER credits

Georgia: All (12) CLE credits

Indiana: All (36) CLE credits

Kentucky: All (12) CLE credits

Nevada: All (13) CLE credits

New Mexico: All (12) MCLE credits

New Jersey: Twelve (12) credits

New York: All (24) CLE credits (for "experienced" NY attorneys only)

North Carolina: All (12) CLE credits

Ohio: All (24) CLE credits

Pennsylvania: Six (6) CLE credits

Tennessee: All (15) CLE credits

Texas: All (15) MCLE credits

Vermont: Six (6) MCLE credits

Virginia: Eight (8) CLE credits

Washington: All (45) CLE credits

West Virginia: Twelve (12) MCLE credits


If you need credits in multiple states you MUST click here before placing your order for important information.

Price: $89.00

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Offline Study Alternative

Many states also permit CLE credits to be earned by study of email delivery, audio CD, and flash drive courses. For these offline study options and to Share and Save go to www.NLFcle.com.

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