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Buying Online with a Credit Card

Can I call your office to place my order for online CLE?

My credit card was declined. How can I place my order?

My charge was declined or my order did not go through. I have online access to my credit card account; why do I see a charge from NLFonline.com?


I bought a subscription, and want to add courses to my account. What do I do?

Troubleshooting Playing Problems

I successfully completed the “System Test,” but now my course isn’t playing. What can I do?

What should I do if I get bumped off the system, sent back to an earlier segment or inadvertently disconnected while listening to a course?

I keep getting kicked off your site, or the audio keeps freezing. What do I do?

When trying to start my course, I click the “I agree” button on the disclaimer box that appears in the center of the screen but nothing happens. What should I do?

When starting my course, the page loads and I can hear the speaker but I can’t see the course materials. What should I do?

I still can’t get my course to play. What should I do?

Codes Read by the Speaker

What do I do with the code(s) the speaker reads throughout the course?

Credit Reporting

I’m an attorney in a state for which the Provider is required to report my CLE participation. Can I call National Law Foundation to verify that you’ve received my information for reporting?

I’m an attorney in a state for which the Provider is required to report my CLE participation. I completed my course evaluation and checked my transcript, but the course isn’t showing up. Where are my credits?

I’m an Ohio attorney. Do I report my own credits to the Supreme Court?

I haven’t finished all of the segments of the course. Can I complete the Evaluation anyway?

I selected and completed courses to earn CLE in one state but also need credit in another. What do I do?

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Many states also permit CLE credits to be earned by study of audio/video tapes, audio CDs and/or DVDs. To see our recorded CLE courses go to www.nlfcle.com.

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