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All New Mexico MCLE Accredited Courses

New Mexico Attorneys: Earn One-Third (4) of Your CLE Credits With These Online Courses

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Applicable Ethics Rules For Using Social Media — 1 New Mexico EP Credit $26.00
Attorney Substance Use Disorders - Just One More... — 1 New Mexico EP Credit $26.00
Bias Elimination In The Legal Profession — 1 New Mexico EP Credit $26.00
Conflicts With Current And Former Clients — 1 New Mexico EP Credit $26.00
Effectively Managing Your Practice — 3.3 New Mexico EP Credits $87.00
Eliminating Bias: Achieving Diversity And Inclusion — 1 New Mexico EP Credit $26.00
Essential Ethics Topics: 3.3-Hour Edition — 3.3 New Mexico EP Credits $87.00
Essential Ethics Topics: 4.3-Hour Edition — 4.3 New Mexico EP Credits $111.00
Ethically Drafting Effective, Enforceable Fee Agreements — 2 New Mexico EP Credits $52.00
Ethics And The Difficult Client — 1 New Mexico EP Credit $26.00
Ethics In The Ether: Cybersecurity, E-Discovery, And The Evolving Practice Of Law — 1 New Mexico EP Credit $26.00
Ethics Rules Regarding Misconduct — 1.2 New Mexico EP Credits $34.00
Ethics: Latest Developments — 1.3 New Mexico EP Credits $34.00
Hot Ethics Topics — 2 New Mexico EP Credits $52.00
Law Practice Series: Attorney-Client Contracts — 1.2 New Mexico EP Credits $34.00
Law Practice Series: Client Intake Procedures — 1.2 New Mexico EP Credits $34.00
Law Practice Series: Converting Your Law Practice To Digital — 1.2 New Mexico EP Credits $34.00
Legal Ethics: Confidentiality In The 21st Century — 1 New Mexico EP Credit $26.00
Legal Ethics: Useful Answers To Common Issues — 2.5 New Mexico EP Credits $65.00
The New California Rules of Professional Conduct — 2 New Mexico EP Credits $52.00


Employment/Labor Law

Estate Planning & Taxation


Attention All New Mexico



  • New Mexico attorneys must earn 12 MCLE Credits including 2 ETHICS/PROFESSIONALISM (EP) credits each calendar year (January 1- December 31). Attorneys have the option of completing approved courses dealing with legal ethics or professionalism.
  • New Mexico allows you to earn ONE-THIRD (4) of your MCLE Credits, including 2 EP Credits, by Self-Study, including Online courses via your personal computer.
  • All National Law Foundation Online programs are accredited for New Mexico MCLE Self-Study credits.
  • A Certificate of Completion is provided when you submit the Course Evaluation after listening to each Online program.
  • EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1, 2018: National Law Foundation will report your New Mexico Self-Study Course participation and pay the $1 per credit reporting fee within 30 days of course completion. 
  • Select National Law Foundation Online Courses from the list on this page and earn up to FOUR (4) New Mexico CLE Self-Study Credits today!

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