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All Connecticut MCLE Eligible Courses

Connecticut Attorneys: Earn All  TWELVE (12) of Your MCLE Credits With These Online Courses

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Ethics and Professionalism

Title: Price:  
A Lawyer's Ethical Obligations To Return Ex-Client's Property — 1 Connecticut Ethics Credit $25.00
A Potpourri Of Useful Legal Ethics Suggestions: 3.3-Hour Edition — 3.3 Connecticut Ethics Credits $83.00
A Potpourri Of Useful Legal Ethics Suggestions: 4.3-Hour Edition — 4.3 Connecticut Ethics Credits $106.00
Applicable Ethics Rules For Using Social Media — 1 Connecticut Ethics Credit $25.00
Attorney Substance Use Disorders - Just One More... — 1 Connecticut Ethics Credit $25.00
Attorney-Client Privilege — 3.3 Connecticut Ethics Credits $83.00
Bias Elimination In The Legal Profession — 1 Connecticut Ethics Credit $25.00
Common Ethics Issues When Dealing With Clients — 1 Connecticut Ethics Credit $25.00
Conflicts With Current And Former Clients — 1 Connecticut Ethics Credit $25.00
Essential Ethics Topics: 3.3-Hour Edition — 3.3 Connecticut Ethics Credits $83.00
Essential Ethics Topics: 4.3-Hour Edition — 4.3 Connecticut Ethics Credits $106.00
Ethically Drafting Effective, Enforceable Fee Agreements — 2.1 Connecticut Ethics Credits $50.00
Ethics In The Ether: Cybersecurity, E-Discovery, And The Evolving Practice Of Law — 1 Connecticut Ethics Credit $25.00
Ethics Rules Governing Multijurisdictional Practice — 2.5 Connecticut Ethics Credits $63.00
Ethics Rules Regarding Misconduct — 1.2 Connecticut Ethics Credits $32.00
Ethics: Recent Developments — 2.1 Connecticut Ethics Credits $50.00
Hot Ethics Topics — 2.1 Connecticut Ethics Credits $50.00
Interviewing Prospective Clients - Ethics Issues — 1 Connecticut Ethics Credit $25.00
Lawyer/Law Firm Websites, Blogs, Social Media Postings, Etc.: Obeying The Ethics Rules — 2.1 Connecticut Ethics Credits $50.00
Legal Ethics: Useful Answers To Common Issues — 2.5 Connecticut Ethics Credits $63.00
Significant Ethics Topics Review — 2.1 Connecticut Ethics Credits $50.00


Title: Price:  
Construction Accident Cases In New York: The Basics— 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
Depositions: Law, Tactics And Techniques — 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
E-Filing In New York Under The New (August 31, 2015) Law And Rules — 2.5 Connecticut General Credits $63.00
Electronic And Internet Evidence: Admissibility And Related Issues — 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
Expert Testimony: Admissibility, Discovery, Use At Trial — 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
Litigating In New York State's Commercial Division— 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
Litigation Techniques: How To Try A Case — 2.5 Connecticut General Credits $63.00
New Legislation, Court Rules And Relevant Caselaw In New York State Courts — 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
New York Civil Practice: Recent Developments — 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
New York Motor Vehicle Litigation: Serious Injury, Liability, SUM Coverage— 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
New York Practice And Procedure: Episode 1 — 1.6 Connecticut General Credits $44.00
New York Practice And Procedure: Episode 2 — 2.1 Connecticut General Credits $50.00
Personal Jurisdiction: Daimler, Walden And Other Important Decisions — 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
test $21.00
The Hearsay Rule And Its Exceptions: A Practical Review — 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
The New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) — 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00
Witnesses: At Trial, Deposing And Trial Preparation — 3.3 Connecticut General Credits $83.00

Employment/Labor Law

Estate Planning & Taxation


Attention All


Connecticut Attorneys!

  • Beginning in 2017, Connecticut attorneys must earn 12 MCLE Credits each year (January 1-December 31), including 2 Credits in Ethics and Professionalism topics.
  • Connecticut allows you to earn ALL (12) of your MCLE Credits, including Ethics and Professionalism and General credits, through self-study of audio/video online courses. You are permitted two (2) carryover credits each year.
  • Two (2) credits of carry-over from courses completed in 2016 for CLE credit in other states will be applicable to your 2017 requirement.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Connecticut MCLE Credits are based on a 60-Minute Hour (i.e., 1.0 CT MCLE credit is earned after listening to or viewing a program for 60 minutes). Neighboring states New York and Rhode Island CLE Credits are based on a 50-Minute Hour. Earned NY & RI CLE Credits will need to be recomputed using a 60-Minute Hour when applied towards the CT CLE requirement.
  • National Law Foundation is an accredited/approved CLE program sponsor in 29 states. These Streaming-Audio Online courses meet Connecticut's Superior Court Rules Section 2-27A(b)(1) for Connecticut MCLE credit.
  • Select National Law Foundation Online Courses from the list on this page to start earning CT MCLE today.
  • Your on-screen Course Materials will contain a Participation Log, which must be printed, completed and retained in your records for seven (7) years, along with the Certificate of Completion provided when you submit the Course Evaluation after listening to each Online program.
  • You may track your participation in these courses through your online Connecticut Bar Professional Development Journal.

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