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Cybersecurity: Ethical Responsibilities 1 New York Cybersecurity-Ethics Credit

There have been a tremendous increase in the number of data breaches at law firms over the last several years. In this one-hour May 20, 2024 program, Patrick M. Connors, Esquire explains why cybersecurity is increasingly relevant to attorneys and the ethical obligations to protect your firm's networks, devices, and data.

Mr. Connors is the Albert and Angela Farone Distinguished Professor In New York Civil Practice at Albany Law School, where he teaches, inter alia, Legal Ethics. He is also a member of the New York State Bar Association's Committee on Professional Ethics and a highly-respected speaker, author, frequent expert witness, and consultant on attorney ethics.

Major topics covered:
Definitions, Terms, and the Scope of the Problem
- What is cybersecurity?
- What are the risks to having poor cybersecurity?
- What can you do to improve your cybersecurity?
ABA Model Rule 1.1: Competence
ABA Model Rule 1.4: Communications
ABA Model Rule 1.6: Confidentiality of Information
ABA Model Rule 1.15: Safekeeping Property
ABA Model Rule 5.1: Responsibilities of a Partner or Supervisory Lawyer
Model Rule 5.3: Responsibilities Regarding Nonlawyer Assistance
ABA 2023 Cybersecurity TechReport
- Technology Policies
- Security Assessments
- Cyber Insurance
- Security Breaches
- Prevention and Recovery
New York County Lawyers' Association Committee on Professional Ethics Formal Opinion 754 (2020): Ethical Obligations When Lawyers Work Remotely

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Price: $25.00
Course approved for these credits (and Expiration Dates When Applicable):
If you need credits in multiple states you MUST click here
before placing your order for important information.

AZ - 1 Ethics Credit
CA - 1 Ethics including 1 Technology Credit
CO - 1 Ethics Credit, Expires 2026-12-31
CT - 1 Ethics Credit
DE 1 Enhanced Ethics Credit, Expires 2026-05-19
FL 1 Ethics Credit inc. 1 Technology Credit, Course #2406125N Expires 2026-01-31
GA - 1 Ethics Credit, Expires 2024-12-31
IN 1 Ethics Credit, Expires 2025-06-30
KY 1 Ethics Credit, Expires 2025-06-30
NV 1 Ethics Credit, Course ID # P_20240701_50508_1, Expires 2027-12-31
NJ - 1.2 Ethics Credits
NM - 1 EP Credit
NY - 1 Cybersecurity-Ethics Credit for "Experienced" (nontransitional) Attorneys ONLY (attorneys seeking NY credit must ALWAYS place their orders from the New York page)
NC - 1 Technology Training Credit, Expires 2025-02-28
OH - 1 Professional Conduct Credit, Expires 2024-12-31
PA - 1 Ethics Credit
TN 1.00 Dual Credit, Expires 2025-05-31
TX 1 Ethics Credit, Expires 2025-06-30
VT - 1 Ethics Credit, Expires 2026-05-19
VA 1 Ethics Credit, Expires 2024-10-31
WA - 1 Ethics Credit - Activity ID # 2022790
WV - 1.2 Ethics Credits
When Self-Applying For Credit In Other States - See The Written Materials for The Timed Agenda and Speaker Bio.

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