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Mediation: Successful Planning — 1 New York Skills Credit

Thorough preparation is critical to achieving mediation success. In this 1-hour May 14, 2021 presentation, Francine Griesing, Esquire discusses key aspects of mediation preparation, including essential conversations with clients, important advance work, and vital mediation process decisions, thus establishing informed, alert, and engaged stakeholders and setting the stage for success. Francine also covers remote mediation considerations for all parties.

Francine Friedman Griesing is the founder and Managing Member of Griesing Law, LLC and has over thirty-five years of experience representing clients in complex business transactions, litigation, employment, ethics, and alternative dispute resolution matters. Fran is a highly-sought speaker and writer and is featured in “The Road to Independence: 101 Women’s Journeys to Starting Their Own Firms,” published by the American Bar Association. She has taught Business Law, Public Employment Law, and Advocacy Skills at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law and Fox School of Business & Management and has been a guest lecturer at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Thomas Kline School of Law at Drexel University.

Major topics include:
History of Mediation
Why Would An Attorney Encourage Mediation?
Selecting The Right Mediator
Goal of Mediation
Joint Sessions Process
The Mediation Process
Care and Feeding of Clients During Mediation
Avoiding Common Mistakes
Important Remote Mediation Protocols

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Course approved for these credits (and Expiration Dates When Applicable):
If you need credits in multiple states you MUST click here
before placing your order for important information.

AK - 1 General Credit
AZ - 1 General Credit
CA - 1 General Credit
CO - 1 General Credit, Course ID #800133, Expires 2024-12-31
CT - 1 General Credit
DE - 1 General Credit, Expires 2023-05-13
FL - 1 General Credit, Expires 2024-08-31, Course #2211568N
GA - 1 General Credit, Expires 2024-12-31
IN - 1 General Credit, Expires 2024-07-13
KY - 1 General Credit, Expires 2025-06-30
NV - 1 General Credit, Course ID #69463, Expires 2024-12-31
NJ - 1.2 General Credits
NM - 1 General Credit, Recorded 5/14/21
NY - 1 Skills Credit for "Experienced Attorneys" ONLY (attorneys seeking NY credit must ALWAYS place their orders from the New York page)
NC - 1 General Credit, Expires 2025-02-28
OH - 1 General Credit, Expires 2024-12-31
PA - 1 General Credit
TN - 1 General Credit, Expires 2024-05-31
TX - 1 General Credit, Expires 2024-06-30
UT - 1 General Credit, Expires 2021-12-31
VT - 1 General Credit, Expires 2023-05-13
VA - 1 General Credit, Expires 2024-10-31
WA - 1 Law & Legal Procedure Credit, Activity ID #1168722
WV - 1.2 General Credits

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