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Arbitration: Practical Review And Important Developments 3.25 North Carolina General Credits

Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have shown the importance of arbitration provisions in legal documents. In this 3.3-hour, June 16, 2016 program,Patrick M. Connors, Esquire, a Professor of Law atAlbany Law School, gives a comprehensive and practical review of arbitration, including important recent developments and much more. At some point in their practices, virtually every lawyer gets involved with arbitration, whether in reviewing and/or drafting an arbitration provision or representing a client in an arbitration, and will pick up important tips, warnings, and suggestions from Mr. Connors.

Major topics include:
History of arbitration
Federal Arbitration Act ("FAA")
FAA and recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions
Class action waivers in arbitration
Gateway/threshold issues for the court
Arbitration, healthcare, and camps
Arbitration and employment contracts
McCarran-Ferguson Act
Multiple agreements between the parties
Can an arbitrator award punitive damages?
Enforcement of arbitration awards and interest
Challenging arbitration awards
Uniform Arbitration Act

TABLE OF CONTENTS AND SAMPLE PAGES: Our sister site, www.NLFforms.com,offers this course book for purchase (without audio or CLE credit). There, you can see the completeTable of Contents and someSample Pages. Click here to see these:Arbitration: Practical Review And Important Developments (44-Page Book). Use your back button to return here to earn CLE credit.

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Course approved for these credits (and Expiration Dates When Applicable):
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AK 3.25 General Credits
AZ 3.25 General Credits
CA 3.25 General Credits
CO 4 General Credits, Course ID #766827, Expires 2020-12-31
CT 3.3 General Credits
DE 3.3 General Credits, Expires 2018-06-15
FL 4 General Credits, Course #1709069N, Expires 2019-07-26
GA 3.3 General Credits, Expires 2018-12-31
IL 3.25 General Credits
IN 3.3 General Credits, Expires 2020-07-25
KY 3.25 General Credits, Expires 2018-06-30
LA 3.33 General Credits, Expires 2017-07-24
ME 3.3 General Credits, Expires 2018-06-15
MO 4 General Credits
NV 3 General Credits, Course #20514, Expires 2019-12-31
NJ 4 General Credits
NM 3.3 General Credits, Recorded 6/16/16
NY 4 Skills Credits for "Experienced Attorneys" ONLY (attorneys seeking NY credit must ALWAYS place their orders from the New York page)
NC 3.25 General Credits, Expires 2020-12-31
OH 3.25 General Credits, Expires 2018-12-31
OR 3.25 Gen/Practsk Credits
PA 3 General Credits
TN 3.33 General Credits, Expires 2020-07-10
TX 3.25 General Credits, Expires 2019-06-30
UT 3 General Credits, Expires 2018-12-31
VT 3.3 General Credits, Expires 2018-06-15
VA 3.5 General Credits, Expires 2018-10-31
WA 3.25 Law & Legal Procedure Credits, Activity ID #1011725
WV 4 General Credits

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