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The SECURE Act Big Game-Changer: Retirement Plan Distributions — 1 California General Credit

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The SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up For Retirement Enhancement) became effective on January 1, 2020. It is a big game-changer to retirement plan and IRA distributions because it has imposed a maximum 10-year payout for certain beneficiaries. This is huge because many clients have planned their affairs for a lifetime payout.

In this important 1-hour, January 22, 2020 program, Steven G. Siegel, JD, LLM, assists you in advising your clients about retirement plan distributions under the SECURE Act. He provides a detailed analysis of when planning is needed, what prior planning no longer works, and new planning strategies you should consider. In addition, the course materials include 10 useful examples.

Mr. Siegel is a nationally-recognized author and speaker on estate planning, taxation, and related topics. He is the major contributor of Forms to NLFforms.com, which also hosts his numerous practical Podcasts.

Major topics include:
When Is Planning Needed For Each Of The Three Beneficiary Classes (and Categories Thereof)?
- no designated beneficiary
- eligible designated beneficiary – five categories:

• spouse of the plan participant ("pp"); avoid the spousal rollover trap!
• minor child of the pp
• disabled individual
• chronically ill individual
• person not more than 10 years younger than the deceased pp or IRA owner

- a designated beneficiary

Planning Which No Longer Works
See-Through Trusts

- why and when conduit trusts can now be a disaster
- accumulation trusts can still work but there is a new dilemma with them

What Do We Tell Our Clients?

- accumulation trusts in place of lifetime conduit trusts
- "fix" irrevocable trusts through:

• judicial modification under the Uniform Trust Code
• non-judicial modification
• decanting

- use a Roth IRA conversion
- life insurance policy in an irrevocable life insurance trust
- charitable remainder trusts

RELATED FORM On www.NLFforms.com

Mr. Siegel has drafted a Form to comply with the retirement plan distribution provisions of the SECURE Act.

To access that Form on www.NLFforms.com, please:

• Click "SECURE Act Documents" button (second row, center) on the homepage of www.NLFforms.com

• Then select:
FORM: The SECURE ACT: Special Retirement Plan Distribution Clause For Separate Shares For Inclusion In A Will Or Trust: Separate Handling Of Retirement Plan Distributions In Separate Shares For Beneficiaries In Sub-Trusts Which May Be "Stretched-Out”

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AK — 1 General Credit
AZ — 1 General Credit
CA — 1 General Credit
CO — 1 General Credit, Course #823286, Expires 2024-12-31
CT — 1 General Credit
DE — Not Preapproved for DE CLE
FL — 1 General inc. 1 Elder Law Credit, Course #2001110N, Expires 2021-09-30
GA — 1 General Credit, Expires 2024-12-31
IN — 1 General Credit, Expires 2025-02-28
KY — 1 General Credit, Expires 2025-06-30
LA — Not Preapproved for LA CLE
ME — Not Preapproved for ME CLE
MO — 1.2 General Credits
MT — Not Preapproved for MT CLE
NV — 1 General Credit, Course #52895, Expires 2023-12-31
NJ — 1.2 General Credits
NM — 1 General Credit, Recorded 1/22/20
NY — Ineligible for NY CLE
NC — 1 General Credit, Expires 2025-02-28
OH — 1 General Credit, Expires 2024-12-31
OR — Not Preapproved for OR CLE
PA — 1 General Credit
TN — 1 General Credit, Expires 2023-02-19
TX — 1 General Credit, Expires 2025-01-31
UT — Not Preapproved for UT CLE
VT — 1 General Credit, Expires 2022-01-21
VA — 1 General, Expires 2024-10-31
WA — 1 Law & Legal Procedure Credit — Activity ID #1132116
WV — 1.2 General Credits

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