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Social Security — 1.5 LA General/Estate Planning & Admin Specialization Credits

Social Security is one of the most important government programs. It is also one of the most complicated. In this 1.5-hour, March 9, 2018 recorded presentation, Steven G. Siegel gives a useful explanation of the federal Social Security system and how to navigate through it to claim benefits. He also provides many helpful planning techniques to maximize those benefits.

Mr. Siegel is president of The Siegel Group, a Morristown, NJ-based national consulting firm specializing in tax consulting, estate planning, and advising family business owners and entrepreneurs. Mr. Siegel holds a BS from Georgetown University, a JD from Harvard Law School, and an LLM in Taxation from New York University.

(Important Note: Want to also learn about Medicare and Medicaid? Please see your state course listing for Mr. Siegel’s “Medicare and Medicaid” program.)

Major topics include:
Coverage (credits needed and type of work), payments into the system
Retirement benefits available: calculations, reduction of, extra amount for delay
Taxation of benefits, planning strategies to lower taxation
Rights and opportunities for divorced spouses, benefits for survivors
The government pension offset
More planning strategies

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Course approved for these credits (and Expiration Dates When Applicable):
If you need credits in multiple states you MUST click here
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AK — 1.5 General Credits
AZ — 1.5 General Credits
CA — 1.5 General Credits
CO — 2 General Credits, Course ID 763638, Expires 2020-12-31
CT — 1.5 General Credits
DE — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2020-03-08
FL — 2 General Credits, Course #1803183N, Expires 2019-11-14
GA — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2020-12-31
IL — 1.5 General Credits
IN — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2021-05-13
KY — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2021-06-30
LA — 1.5 General/Estate Planning & Admin Specialization Credits, Expires 2020-04-30
ME — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2020-03-08
MO — 1.8 General Credits
MT — 1.5 General Credits
NV — 1.5 General Credits, Course #36420, Expires 2021-12-31
NJ — 1.8 General Credits
NM — 1.5 General Credits, Recorded 3/9/18
NY — Ineligible for NY CLE Credit
NC — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2020-12-31
OH — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2020-12-31
OR — 1.5 General Credits
PA — 1.5 General Credits
TN — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2021-04-24
TX — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2021-04-30
UT — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2019-12-31
VA — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2019-10-31
VT — 1.5 General Credits, Expires 2020-03-08
WA — 1.5 Law & Legal Procedure Credits — Activity ID #1068001
WV — 1.8 General Credits

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