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Valuable Program No Longer Available For CLE/MCLE Credit
Powerful Trial Techniques — 3.3 Hours, NO Credit

Some courses are so good. so useful, so enduring that they are worth taking even though they do not earn CLE/MCLE credits. This is one of those courses.

Every lawyer who has ever been in a courtroom knows that the best trial tactics often win the case. In this 3.3-hour, August 4, 2005 presentation, Edward D. Ohlbaum, Esq. shows you how to sharpen your objections, demonstrates how to control run-on witnesses and explains ways to use the Rules of Evidence to your advantage.

Eddie Ohlbaum was a trial lawyer and a Professor of Law and the Director of Trial Advocacy and Clinical Education at Temple University's Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, PA. (Sadly, Mr. Ohlbaum died in 2014.) He was revered by his students and colleagues, receiving many, many honors including induction into the Trial Lawyer Hall Of Fame. (Please see: www.triallawyerhalloffame.org/inductees/eddie-ohlbaum.) He coached the law school's National Trial Team which during his tenure won 26 regional championships, earned 17 quarterfinalist positions and won 5 national championships. A record which was unparalleled during Professor Ohlbaum's lifetime.

Major topics include:

• Evidence Advocacy

• Making The Rules Your Ally

• Opening Statements: Themes and Story-Telling

• Objections and Offers of Proof: Opportunities to Speak

• Direct Examination: Directive and Dramatic Dialogue

• Spanking the Run-Away Witness

• Crossing on the Ugly Fact

• Confirmation through Closing

• Much More


CLE/MCLE credits are not earned from taking this course because:

(a) It is the recording of the live August 4, 2005 program Mr. Ohlbaum did for us. CLE/MCLE Commissions do not approve programs held so long ago.

(b) In it, he refers several times to the then Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure, some of which may have been amended since the program (August 4, 2005). Thus, we cannot verify that the substantive rules and law to which he refers are still the same. You will need to do that.

However, as indicated by the title, this course is primarily about trial techniques. Those valuable techniques, as taught by this wonderful master, continue to be useful to this day. If you are a trial practitioner, do not miss Professor Ohlbaum's words of wisdom.


Even though this course does not earn CLE/MCLE credits, selection of this course will use 3 credits of the 7 total available with this subscription.


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Price: $79.00
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This Program Has NO CLE/MCLE Credit Value.



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