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Defective Grantor Trusts: How To Make Them Work For Your Clients 2 Pennsylvania General Credits

In this April 26, 2010, 2 hour 5 minute-presentation, Steven G. Siegel, a leading nationally-recognized tax and estate planning adviser, provides a practical explanation of one of the most popular and effective tax and estate planning tools today, the Defective Grantor Trust.

Major topics include:


overview of the technique

what is an (Intentionally) Defective Grantor Trust?

the Grantor Trust rules

Creating The Defective Grantor Trust

grantor's retention of administrative powers

trustee selection


Uses Of The Defective Grantor Trust

income generating trusts

other planning opportunities including S corps, life insurance, sale of assets and more

Installment Sale Of Property To A Defective Grantor Trust

creation and funding of the trust

designing the sale and the note

income, gift, estate and GST tax consequences

Comparing To The Transfer Of Assets To A GRAT

How A Defective Grantor Trust Is Reported

The Karmazin Case

FORMS: Fully editable Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust Forms (including the Trust Agreement, Installment Sale Agreement and Promissory Note) prepared by Mr. Siegel are available on www.NLFforms.com for $99.

BOOKS FOR LAWYERS: Over 40 useful books on important legal issues facing attorneys are now available for immediate download at www.NLFforms.com. (Reading books without also listening to or viewing a recorded seminar earns NO CLE credits.)

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Course approved for these credits (and Expiration Dates When Applicable):
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AK 2 General Credits
AZ 2 General Credits
CA 2 General Credits
CO 3 General Credits, Course ID # 718698, Expires 2013-12-31
DE 2.1 General Credits , Expires 4/26/2012
FL 2.5 General Credits, Course # 31542; Expires 6/8/13
GA 2.1 General Credits, Expires 2013-12-31
IL 2 General Creditss, Expires 2013-09-01
IN 2.1 General Credits, Expires 2013-07-31
KY 2 General Credits, expires 6/30/13
LA 2.08 General Credits/Estate Planning Specialization, Expires 2013-08-31
ME 2.1 General Credits , Expires 4/26/2012
MO 2.5 General Credits
MT 2 General Credits
NJ 2.5 General Credits
NM 2.1 General Credits, taped 4/26/10
NV 2 General Credits, Course # NLFF10
NC 2 General Credits, Expires 2012-12-31
OH 2 General Credits, Expires 2012-12-31
OR 2 General Credits
PA 2 General Credits
TN 2.08 General Credits, Expires 2013-07-31
TX 2 General Credits, Expires 6/30/2013
UT 2 General Credits, Expires 2013-12-31
VA 2 General Credits, Expires 2013-10-31
VT 2 General Credits
WA 2 General Credits Activity ID #258026
WV 2.5 General Credits

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