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Defective Grantor Trusts: How To Make Them Work For Your Clients — 2 Pennsylvania General Credits

In this April 26, 2010, 2 hour 5 minute-presentation, Steven G. Siegel, a leading nationally-recognized tax and estate planning adviser, provides a practical explanation of one of the most popular and effective tax and estate planning tools today, the Defective Grantor Trust.

Major topics include:


• overview of the technique

• what is an (Intentionally) Defective Grantor Trust?

• the Grantor Trust rules

Creating The Defective Grantor Trust

• grantor's retention of administrative powers

• trustee selection

• more

Uses Of The Defective Grantor Trust

• income generating trusts

• other planning opportunities including S corps, life insurance, sale of assets and more

Installment Sale Of Property To A Defective Grantor Trust

• creation and funding of the trust

• designing the sale and the note

• income, gift, estate and GST tax consequences

Comparing To The Transfer Of Assets To A GRAT

How A Defective Grantor Trust Is Reported

The Karmazin Case

FORMS: Fully editable Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust Forms (including the Trust Agreement, Installment Sale Agreement and Promissory Note) prepared by Mr. Siegel are available on www.NLFforms.com for $99.

BOOKS FOR LAWYERS: Over 40 useful books on important legal issues facing attorneys are now available for immediate download at www.NLFforms.com. (Reading books without also listening to or viewing a recorded seminar earns NO CLE credits.)

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Course approved for these credits (and Expiration Dates When Applicable):
If you need credits in multiple states you MUST click here
before placing your order for important information.

AK — 2 General Credits
AZ — 2 General Credits
CA — 2 General Credits
CO — 3 General Credits, Course ID # 718698, Expires 2013-12-31
DE — 2.1 General Credits , Expires 4/26/2012
FL — 2.5 General Credits, Course # 31542; Expires 6/8/13
GA — 2.1 General Credits, Expires 2013-12-31
IL — 2 General Creditss, Expires 2013-09-01
IN — 2.1 General Credits, Expires 2013-07-31
KY — 2 General Credits, expires 6/30/13
LA — 2.08 General Credits/Estate Planning Specialization, Expires 2013-08-31
ME — 2.1 General Credits , Expires 4/26/2012
MO — 2.5 General Credits
MT — 2 General Credits
NJ — 2.5 General Credits
NM — 2.1 General Credits, taped 4/26/10
NV — 2 General Credits, Course # NLFF10
NC — 2 General Credits, Expires 2012-12-31
OH — 2 General Credits, Expires 2012-12-31
OR — 2 General Credits
PA — 2 General Credits
TN — 2.08 General Credits, Expires 2013-07-31
TX — 2 General Credits, Expires 6/30/2013
UT — 2 General Credits, Expires 2013-12-31
VA — 2 General Credits, Expires 2013-10-31
VT — 2 General Credits
WA — 2 General Credits — Activity ID #258026
WV — 2.5 General Credits

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