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Courses Eligible for Oregon MCLE Independent Study Credit

Oregon Attorneys: Earn up to 45* of Your MCLE Credits With These Independent Study Online Courses

Need to earn CLE/MCLE Credit for MULTIPLE STATES? Click here before placing your order for special instructions for many states.

Important Information Please Read This!

Courses on nlfonline.com are available for your review for one year from date of purchase. However, please note that Oregon MCLE courses must be completed within 3 years of their original recording date. Check the recording date in the description of each program you select and be sure to complete the course and generate your Certificate of Completion on or before the program's 3-year anniversary, which may be less than one year from the date of your purchase.

Legal Ethics/Mental Health, Substance Use, Cognitive Impairment

Valuable Program No Longer Available For CLE/MCLE Credit

Employment/Labor Law

Estate Planning & Taxation


Attention All Oregon



  • Effective January 1, 2019: Oregon attorneys must earn 45 MCLE Credits every three years (ending December 31), including 5 Ethics Credits, 1 Credit on the subject of Child and Elder Abuse Reporting, and 1 Credit in Mental Health, Substance Use, or Cognitive Impairment (MHSU) topics.
  • Additionally, in alternate reporting periods, 3 Credits are required in Access To Justice programs.
  • The remaining 35 or 38 MCLE Credits may be earned in any combination of General; Legal Ethics; Access To Justice; Mental Health, Substance Use, or Cognitive Impairment; Abuse Reporting; Personal Management Assistance; Business Development and Marketing; and Practical Skills.
  • *Please note: There may not be enough courses available on this site to complete all of your Child and Elder Abuse Reporting and Access To Justice credits.
  • Oregon allows you to earn ALL of your MCLE Credits by Independent Study of recorded and online programs.
  • National Law Foundation is an Accredited Sponsor of Oregon MCLE programs. All of these courses are accredited for OR MCLE.
  • After you make your selection and purchase your online programs, your course materials will include the Oregon MCLE Contemporaneous Individual Screening Log to fill out while listening to your National Law Foundation online program.
  • To report your Independent Study, send a copy of your Log to Oregon State Bar MCLE / PO Box 231935 / Tigard, OR 97281-1935.

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